Klaus Aehlig, random technical notes (vcs)

2020/02/01 The latin-1 hack

2018/04/12 Inspecting large diffs

2015/09/20 Mirroring svn repositories

2015/01/16 Undoing an svn commit

2013/07/13 Base revisions in distributed work with rcs

2013/04/21 Who are the persons behind an open-source project managed by git?

2012/12/15 Ad-hoc sharing with git-bundle(1)

2012/11/25 isilmar ports for local git repositories

2012/07/14 Working in a distributed way with RCS

2011/11/16 Managing git remote branches

2011/10/20 Tracking git remote branches...

2011/09/05 The opposite of git add <files>

2010/09/01 GNU patch and -p0