Klaus Aehlig, random technical notes (other)

2021/10/10 More compact formatting (for JSON)

2021/04/03 Bazel Latex Rules

2021/03/27 More operations on the current path

2021/02/17 Formatting JSON

2020/06/13 Public repository for wwwdiff

2020/01/12 Cleaner mail scheduling

2019/10/16 Jump to the correct file

2018/11/30 Reminder emails

2018/11/18 Diffing webpages

2018/11/07 bash history expansion

2018/10/13 Update: true resolved files in bazel

2018/07/09 Syncing and resolved files in bazel

2018/06/14 Does an email necessarily end in a newline character?

2017/10/20 GitHub 2FA from the command line

2016/03/17 Standard sizes

2016/01/04 PriorityQueue in python

2015/12/19 Substituting in `pwd`

2015/11/09 Strings and Strictness Patterns

2015/06/14 Multiple X sessions

2015/06/13 Xorg crashes when switching back to X

2015/06/04 Chaining commands

2015/03/03 Unevaluated thunks

2014/05/29 Computing the standard deviation

2014/02/17 Leaving the list monad

2013/12/27 hinotify's addWatch and replaced files

2013/12/01 The Haskell function witnessing the universal property of the product...

2013/02/15 Monkey patching in postscript

2013/02/03 Ever wondered, how much time you spent in front of the screen?

2012/10/27 Tiling window managers and work spaces

2012/04/27 Latex: spacing in lists...

2011/04/27 Setting defaults in shell scripts

2011/03/20 stdin vs /dev/tty

2010/10/30 GNU make and default rules

2010/09/17 GNU make and -V