Klaus Aehlig's Rigorosum

On July 18, 2003 I had my doctoral examination ("Rigorosum").

My committee...

...(from left) Wilfried Buchholz (supervisor), Helmut Pruscha (third examinor, statistics), Hans-Jürgen Schneider (fourth examinor, Hopf algebras) and Helmut Schwichtenberg (second reviewer).

And finally, what it was all about...

The blackboard in Room 132 after I have given the public talk on my thesis.

Colleagues preparing my hat...

Andreas Abel, Julia Zappe and Monika Seisenberger.

Markus Latte.


Inspecting the hat. (from left) Wilfried Buchholz, Helmut Pruscha, myself. (In the background: Hendrik Bartko.)

Big party.

The obligatory cigar offered by Rodrigo Readi.

(from left) Ralph Matthes, Hendrik Bartko (hidden) and Johannes Oberreuter (smoking a pipe).

Andreas Abel.