Klaus Aehlig, Photos (summer 2003)

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München, July 2003

On July 18, 2003 I had my doctoral examination ("Rigorosum"). Here are some photos taken at the celebration afterwards.

My committee...

...(from left) Wilfried Buchholz (supervisor), Helmut Pruscha (third examinor, statistics), Hans-Jürgen Schneider (fourth examinor, Hopf algebras) and Helmut Schwichtenberg (second reviewer).

And finally, what it was all about...

The blackboard in Room 132 after I have given the public talk on my thesis. There are more photos taken at my PhD defense which are on the web.

Munich, April 2003

Photos taken at the first GKLI breakfast on April 11, 2003.

The photos have been taken my Johannes Oberreuter and digitized by Markus Latte.

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