Klaus T Aehlig, former affiliations

November 2011 through January 2020:
Software Engineer
google Munich

March through October 2011:
Research Assistent
University of Southampton

October 2003 through Februar 2011:
Wissenschaftlicher Assistent
am Institut für Informatik und am Mathematischen Institut der Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

September 2006 through February 2009:
Department of Computer Science, Swansea University.

January through May 2007:
Department of Computer Science, University of Toronto.
(Visiting Stephen A. Cook, supported by a DFG grant.)

January trough December 2004:
Oxford University Computing Laboratory.
(visiting Luke Ong, supported by the German Academic Exchange Service)

Graduiertenkolleg Logik in der Informatik.
(member 2000-2003 and afterwards associated member till its end)