Klaus Aehlig, random technical notes (text)

2020/12/12 More considerations on line breaking

2020/11/25 Guessing Umlauts

2020/02/01 The latin-1 hack

2018/10/14 Line breaking, revisited

2018/04/12 Inspecting large diffs

2017/09/29 Quiet ed commands

2017/02/19 Time stamps with pdflatex

2016/02/11 Different line lengths for different file types (in emacs)

2015/06/25 Fixing MUA-broken patches

2015/05/05 Getting an overview over a large source file

2015/04/10 textwrap.wrap and word wrapping

2014/12/28 ed(1)

2014/11/03 ed(1) and piping through a process

2014/09/09 cut and paste

2014/09/08 grep and binaries

2014/05/21 Extracting a mail from an mbox

2014/02/01 Long lines and trailing whitespace... (in emacs)

2013/12/08 Python isdigit() and numerals

2013/05/01 Spell checking commit messages (in emacs)

2012/09/15 emacs: current-window-configuration and set-window-configuration

2012/06/20 Attaching to a running emacs

2012/06/01 emacs buffer names and uniquify

2012/05/10 Indentation in emacs

2012/03/31 Quoting for the shell

2012/03/18 advising functions (in emacs)

2012/03/15 "Somewhere on your filesystem" -- the emacs way

2011/11/28 Dir-tracking. Or: how to keep pwd up-to-date for an emacs-shell

2010/09/01 GNU patch and -p0