Klaus Aehlig, random technical notes (sysadmin)

2016/07/03 postqmail

2016/04/03 Reformatting as BSMTP

2015/09/20 Mirroring svn repositories

2015/06/25 Fixing MUA-broken patches

2015/01/16 Undoing an svn commit

2014/12/19 @owner and @group in plist

2014/09/20 shebangfixes

2013/10/13 Mark an email thread as read, forever

2013/09/29 Forward synchronising email

2012/12/08 Local patches (on my FreeBSD machines)

2012/11/25 isilmar ports for local git repositories

2012/09/24 Automatically installed packages

2012/09/22 FreeBSD pkgng: pkg_* to pkg cheat sheet

2012/05/24 Just any old python2... -- depending in the FreeBSD ports collection

2012/04/07 Upgrading ports -- essentially a simple for loop...

2012/03/31 Quoting for the shell

2012/03/26 Installing software in your home directory

2011/08/24 Missing libraries during upgrade

2011/06/16 running programs (like mutt) from cron

2011/04/11 ldconfig paths (on FreeBSD)

2011/04/08 install -s ("install: wait: No such file or directory")

2011/03/12 (Ab)using EXTRA_PATCHES for site specific patches

2010/10/01 Locally installed Perl modules

2010/08/30 Installing python using distutils, the setup.py method