One of the advantages of FreeBSD is that it is very easy to adapt to one's own needs, without decoupling oneself from the main FreeBSD development. Over the time, I collected my own local patches and ports. These are things are not in the official soure tree, as they are either too specific (i.e., hardly any users), unfinished, or it is simply someone else to bring them into the official sources, but I want it now already. People asked for this collection nevertheless. So here you are. Download

and use at your own risk.

It is a gzipped tar archive of a cvs repository. So you can unpack it and then

cvs -d /path/to/where/you/unpacked/aehlig-patches checkout site-patches
to obtain a checkout of my site-patches directory. On my machines, I have a checkout under /usr/local. I use it in the following ways.

  1. EXTRA_PATCHES for the ports tree

    For some ports I want custom modifications. The way to hook them in is to add a line

    .include "/usr/local/site-patches/"
    in my /etc/make.conf. No need to touch the actual ports tree.

  2. local and override ports

    I've got some ports that are not in the official ports tree or want to override with a specific version. Since I use pu as upgrade tool, the only thing I have to do is to set

    export PU_SECONDARY_PORTSDIR=/usr/local/site-patches/localports
    export PU_OVERRIDE_PORTSDIR=/usr/local/site-patches/override
    in the configuration for root's shell. Again, no need to touch the ports tree.

  3. local patches to /usr/src

    These are just the standard patches to ctm. The handling is more manual. My update routine for the source tree is

    cd /usr/src && svn update && /bin/sh /usr/local/site-patches/

If you have any comments of suggestions regarding these patches, feel free to send my an email.